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Home » Introduction Of Rajasthan » People of Rajasthan

People of Rajasthan

People of RajasthanIn accordance with the survey of 2001, the population of Rajasthan, India is 56.5 million. In olden days, there was a birth based caste system in Rajasthan. The profession of the people decided their caste. But, that system has now been broken. The system has now been broken. The caste system now does not decide the profession of a person or the profession of a person does not decide his/her caste. Today people in Rajasthan are free to choose profession or carrier of their choice. People of various castes and sub-castes live in the state of Rajasthan, India.

Some major castes of people who reside in Rajasthan are:

A large portion of the population of Rajasthan, India is belongs to Rajputs clan. Rajputs were the rulers of former princely state of Rajasthan. Rajputs of Rajasthan are known for their bravery and heroism. Even today one can experience Rajputs’ legends of their bravery and heroism. Even today Rajasthan is called the land of Rajputs. Rajputs generally followed Vedic Religion and worship Surya (Sun), Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.

Brahmins: Apart from Rajputs, Brahmins are also found in the state of Rajasthan. Brahmins are a group of priestly people. Brahmins - a group of priestly people - have the main occupation of worshipping and performance of spiritual rites.  

Vaishya: Vaishyas are who generally associated with business community. Vaishyas were also found in the state of Rajasthan. Apart from Rajasthan, these days they are settled in every nook and corner of the country.

Marwaris: One of the most famous communities of Rajasthan is Marwaris. Generally, they belong to business and trading. Sub-castes of Marwaris are Porals, Sarawagis, Mahajans, Shrimals, Lohias, Baldias, Pheriwalas, Bohres, Sunlas, Shrshrimals, Vijayyargias, Agarwals, and Maheswaaris, etc.  

People of Rajasthan Other Castes:
Apart from Rajputs, Brahmins, and Vaishyas, a large number of agricultural castes are also found in Rajasthan. They are Gurjar, Jat, Mali, Kalvi, etc.

Rajasthan has a number of tribes having their own customs and traditions. They are:

  • Meo and Banjara (the traveling tribes)
  • Minas/Minawati (found in Jaipur, Dholpur, Bharatpur and Alwar)
  • Sahariyas (found in Kota region)
  • Gadia Lohar (smiths)
  • Bhils (found in Udaipur, Sirohi, Bhilwara, Dungarpur, Chittorgarh and Banswara)
  • Grasia (found in Mewar region)
  • Kathodi (found in Mewar region)
  • Rabaris (cattle breeders, found in Marwar region)
  • Kanjar
  • Sansi

About Rajasthani People
Rajasthani people are well-known for their warm, friendly and gregarious nature. Rajasthani people are very fond of colorful costumes. One can easily Rajasthani people with their stylist and colorful costumes, such as, colorful turbans which vary from region to region and caste to caste. Women of Rajasthan are also very fond of colorful costumes, such as colorful Ghaghra and Choli. They are also very fond of jewellery.

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